Thursday, April 20, 2023

At first I am nothing. A shred of a shred

 So, here is my animation of SHRED (with my paper-engineered creation) -- turn up the volume!

At first I am nothing. A shred of a shred
Not alive… not even dead
An inanimate object lying limp in your hands
Dreaming of oceans, of faraway lands.
When you cut me I won’t cry
You flesh me through pain. I won’t utter a sigh
You give me breath, you make me blink
But I cringe when you paint me pink
You give me eyesight, you give me smell
You control every move. So I must rebel
I’ll rise to a limp and in search of glory
I’ll take my own steps, write my own story
My existence is flimsy, I am destined to fold
But until that time, let me out of your hold
Let me go, let me go… Loosen your grip
Until that moment that ends with a rip.

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