Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Join the amazing audiobook event: Let It Snow!


A select group of authors has joined forces with me

To bring you amazing stories, beautifully narrated.

Looking for your new favorite story? 

Join us as a GOING guest 

In this Christmas extravaganza

For a chance to win our audiobooks:

Let It Snow

Uvi Poznansky 

Marriage before Death


The Edge of Revolt


A.L. Butcher

Tales of Erana: The Warriors Curse

The Last Forest

The Kitchen Imps and Other Dark Tales

Angelica Kate

Freedom’s Christmas

Death of the Matchmaker

Ann Swann

Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot

Casi McLean

In Time for Christmas

Ed Benjamin

Harry’s War

Eli Pope

The Way It Happened

The Judgement Game

Dänna Wilberg

Borrowed Time: Broken Promises

Borrowed Time: Mind Games

Diane Merrill Wiggington

A Compromising Position

Angelina’s Secret

Inge-Lise Goss

Fatal Limit

The Cost of Crude

Diamonds and Lies

Janna Yeshanova

Love Is Never Past Tense

Katie Mettner

Blazing Hot Nights

Gerald Elias

Murder at the Royal Albert

Linnea Tanner

Apollo’s  Raven

Dagger’s Destiny

Amulet’s Rapture

Marta Moran Bishop

Whispers on the Wind

George Haint

Mercedes Rochelle

A King under Siege

Sandra Nikolai

Fatal Wispers

S.R. Mallery

Genteel Secrets

Trouble in Glamor Town

Tina-Marie Miller

Everything Happens for a Reason

The Curious Miss Fortune

Fame and Fortune

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