Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Mother's Day audiobook party: Love Mom

A select group of authors has joined forces with me

To bring you amazing stories, beautifully narrated.

Looking for your new favorite story? 

Join us as a GOING guest 

In this Mother’s Day celebration

For a chance to win our audiobooks:

Love Mom

Uvi Poznansky 

My Own Voice


Apart from War

The Favorite Son

Aaron Paul Lazar

The Seadog: A Love Story

A.L. Butcher

The Kitchen Imps and Other Dark Tales

Echoes of a Song

Addison Michael 

Dawn that Breaks

Dawn that Brings Death

What Comes before Dawn

Truth that Dawns

Casi McLean

Beneath the Lake

Beyond the Mist

Timeless Treasures: Summer

Timeless Mysteries

Kathleen Harryman

When Darkness Falls

The Promise

Kerry Schafer

Dead before Dying

Linnea Tanner

Apollo’s  Raven

Dagger’s Destiny

Amulet’s Rapture

Skull’s Vengeance

Peter C. Bradbury 

The Innocent Children


Sharon Buchbinder

Bonded for Life

The Vampire Billionaire’s Secret Baby

Susan Keene

The Wedding Cake Murder


  1. Replies
    1. I totally agree, Karen! It's going to be a barrel of fun -- meet the authors, listen to voice clips, and maybe even win audiobook prizes!