Monday, November 4, 2013

"I fell in love with the short story A Heartbeat, Reversed!"

Just discovered a new review by a reader called Alexandra on Goodreads, for Home! But first, let me give you her comments as she recorded them as she began reading:

14.0%"This will be I believe my first poetry book to read! I am very excited, very good so far!"

26.0%"So different from what I am used to reading but I am loving it! Rewind has to be my favorite so far! Very unique!!"

And now the review (can be read here):

I really really enjoyed this book! I think a few of the poems or stories went a lil over my head (I am not the deepest thinker lol) but I have to say I absolutely fell in love with the short story A Heartbeat, Reversed! I even read it twice! Such beautiful descriptions! 
I love the fact that Uvi Poznansky took her father's poems and translated them from Hebrew to English to share with the world. What a beautiful tribute to her father! My favorite poem from Mr Kachel was The Wolf, it just really grabbed me and I read it over and over. I just wish I knew Hebrew because I think that would just sound beautiful! 
I am very much looking forward to reading Uvi's other books and am so glad I have them right here on my kindle waiting for me!

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