Friday, July 27, 2012

In the Company of Athletes, Belly Dancers, Performers

He brings athletes, belly dancers, performers each Friday
Right into your bedroom, for you to hear, honey! 
So when Cameron called me I knew, I just knew, right away 
That with him, I'll find myself in such great company!

He asked: if your novel would turn into a movie

Who'd play Ben--immature, insecure and naive?
Who'd play Anita--sexy, edgy, and groovy? 
What my answer was, you just wouldn't believe!

Cameron Datzker, a veteran of sports talk radio for over 20 years, asked me to come on his show, Sports and Life on LA Talk Radio. I had great fun coming to the studio, talking to him and seeing him in action, juggling the conversation with me about Apart From Love with current affairs and local news. The clapping in the background is Cameron himself, overflowing with enthusiasm and cheering me up!   


  1. I really enjoyed having you on the show as your book came to life. It was amazing evening and felt that both The Interview and conversation flowed very well. I definitely would love to have you back in studio. you are a true delight.

    1. Thank you Cameron! It was my pleasure too, and I bet I'm the first to write a poem for how you operate on the show!