Thursday, August 9, 2012

Who Says It Belongs on The New York Times Best Sellers List?

Tom Riddell describes himself as a a fairly easy going kind of guy who takes responsibility for his life and is interested in many things- everything from politics to books, to the super natural- paranormal. Who says that being 50+ can't be fun?He is currently working on a novel. He is also a TV Producer at SCCTV (Washington @ Work), a web site administrator, and a host Blog Talk Radio Show: The Writers' Lounge. I am very honored that he posted this ★★★★★ review on his site:

"The author has taken a very complicated premise, involving three complex characters and interlaced them all into a story that will seep into the hearts and souls of many readers. It is surely destined to become a novel that you will well remember for a long time to come.

The richness of this tale becomes beautifully evident in the way the author delves into every intricate detail of the story. Not overly done, the narrative fits perfectly, pulling you along, tantalizing you to want more..."

Tom concludes the review with these words:

"If there are first time novels that truly belong on The New York Times Best Sellers List- this one is it!   This read, from beginning to end, remained solidly at the very top of the star rating scale for me. Excellent work!"

To read the entire review, see BOOK REVIEW: APART FROM LOVE- BY UVI POZNANSKY