Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Family Tree

Here is a fun activity, which happened in my book event, Our Family Tree.

I asked you to post images on the event page, images that depict you and your mom, you and your dad. I brought your images together into this scene, a scene of a garden party happening around this tree, which stands for the name of this event: Our Family Tree. In this place, which I hope will embrace all of us, we touch each other. We celebrate and give thanks.

The images could be your painting, your sketch, or an old photograph from your family album. They could depict your father wagging a finger at you while you are pulling a cat's tail; or you and your mom planting flowers in the back yard; hugging or having a discussion on a recent visit. Anything goes. 

This is a celebration of my books Home and Apart From Love.

Images Contributed by
Richard Lane (a caregiver, now residing in Bowley's Quarters, MD)
Lisa Ann Thomison (a writer, living in Borger, TX)
Marcia Quinn Noren (author, living in Soquel, CA)
Aniruddha Sastikar (author, India)
Sheila Deeth (mathematician and author)
Driftwood Ashore (a poet, New Delhi, India)
Elisha Fraser AKA Shebat Legion (writer, Temagami, Ontario) and her mom Klarissa Kocsis (art teacher and painter, Campbellford, Ontario)

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