Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Away She Went, Taking Her Chances Elsewhere

"With that, she gave a slight nudge to the camel, turned it swiftly around and with a clip and a clop away she went, taking her chances elsewhere, into a rainy fog. 
Never again would I see her. Upon my return to this place, more than two decades later, I would learn that my brother never forgave her for loving me, loving me only..."

Yankle in A Favorite Son

This is a quick color sketch, using acrylic paint on paper, looking at a white-clad model, From another direction than the first sketch, here.

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  1. Followed the link to the other sketch. They're both cool. This one has more of a feel of losing someone, for me anyway.

    1. I totally agree--looking at her I had the same feel for me too. Thank you Sheila!