Monday, March 11, 2013

The first time he saw her was the morning after

"She collected an array of translucent, sheer veils of fantastic rainbow colors, which she wore, I am told, on her wedding night. My father found it enchanting. The first time he had actually seen her face was, of course, the morning after. With the veil removed, she had fainted upon seeing him. It was not the excitement of first love. No—it must have been the corset; a tight undergarment contraption which, according to gossip, she had brought with her from the North, to keep her figure in shape.  
Everyone knew she was homesick. It was no secret she would have done anything, back then, for a trip back home; but this being the middle of nowhere, far away from the towns and the settlements, out there in the densely populated regions to the west of us, there was no bus to be found; and my father insisted that a plane ticket was out of the question."

Yankle about his mother Becky in A Favorite Son

This is my quick color sketch, using acrylic paint on paper, looking at a white-clad model, and trying to accentuate all the colors hinted in the shadows of the white... Quite a strange challenge...

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