Saturday, May 11, 2013

And what about ♥ Love ♥

This is my watercolor titled A Thousand and One Nights, in which I explored how the roundness of the female figure is complemented and contrasted by the rectangular divisions in the picture plane. Here is Shahrazad, whose life depends on her story-telling ability. If the king is bored with her, he will send her to her death, as he has done with his previous harem girls. As long as he is intrigued by her words, he will let her live. In a way, she is the perfect symbol for what I am doing here: tell a story, and hope it will entertain you. 

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 "A feast for the armchair psychologist."


  1. I'll give my Mother a great big hug when I get to Heaven.... :)

    1. So sorry, Kristy... I should have accounted for those of us who can no longer give a hug to mom...