Saturday, May 11, 2013

Voice of a Kindle Book

I'm waiting to be taken, but now, be forewarned
Don't you dare come near me, or else you'd be scorned--
Unless you delight in contemporary fiction
And enjoy reading a book with detailed scene depiction

If you let me pull you in, deep inside
Until you find yourself there, in my characters' mind
I'll make you burn in hell, ablaze in desire, 
I'll let you swirl like smoke, ever higher and higher

I'll bring you down here: Santa Monica, Venice Beach
For a father-son meeting, with a blame and a breach
You'll hear Lenny, Natasha, Anita and Ben
And be tortured by guilt, again and again  

Find a path to forgiveness, find a way to come clean
Find the words to explain what exactly you mean
Turn page after page, then fall to your knee 
'Cause Apart From Love, no feeling  is free

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  1. Uvi Poznansky has a lovely gallery full of splendor and heart felt work. Passion in the purest thoughts of love and the heart felt beauty is in the very essence of all her words. The art work speaks volumes to a fiend of love poetry and life. The colors so inspiring on the covers draws the mind into a want of love is what the artist accoplished.

    1. Aw... Thank you so much Nefertiti! I feel like I am talking to an ancient Egyptian princess...