Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Intriguing and Masterful Memoir of The Psalmist

I am delighted to find a new review, written by the author of The Trap, D.W. Hendrick. 
Here is what he writes about my book, Rise to Power:

5.0 out of 5 stars An Intriguing and Masterful Memoir of The Psalmist.February 5, 2014
This review is from: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
Yes, the reading of "Rise To Power" is a special occasion, an event worthy of celebration. When a compilation of the finest works of Uvi Poznansky is amassed, and this will happen, "Rise to Power" will undoubtedly be a featured entry.

The good fortune I experienced upon discovering Ms. Poznansky's work has evolved into a literary blessing - one I eagerly share with all my friends and associates. She never disappoints. No, on the contrary, she always surprises us with her mastery of the scribal art form. If you haven't experienced her poetic style, her creative and uniquely intimate prose, and if you are a lover of exquisite writing, you have been needlessly deprived of a wonderful reading experience.

One of the greatest challenges an author can undertake is his or her effort to "humanize" an idol, a person made immortal because of their nobility or heroism. This is especially true when the subject is a religious symbol, a virtual Biblical icon throughout the ages. When Uvi Poznanski began her endeavor to reveal the humanity, to show us the heart of a boy, a king, an old man we now know as the Biblical King David, she undertook an awesome task, indeed. But, and this comes as no surprise, she has presented us an uncommon but wholly believable portrait that allows us to identify with, empathize with, and feel closer to the second King of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah; closer than we might ever have imagined. And she does so with brilliant virtuosity. Here is a sampling of the author’s genius from Rise to Power as she describes the lamentations of an old King recalling and yearning for youth:

“And at the last moment before my eyes close, before it is time to sleep, the light grows stronger. It bursts out with a shine brighter than anything I have seen, anything I have imagined before. A gentle wind starts blowing into the silk curtains overhead, filling them till they become pregnant with air. In one breath they open wide apart, to reveal naked walls. A minute later, the entire palace crumbles to dust, and from it a great valley breaks open.
It is then that I realize one thing: I must have been mistaken. It is not an old man that is reflected here, in the metallic surface. Instead it is someone else, someone I wish I could beckon home one more time.

There is David, a young boy with sharp eyes. Morning breeze plays with his curls. It whispers words of hope and promise in his ear. Yet unscarred by battle, his arms are smooth, his hands—strong. They are the hands of a killer.
There is David. Focusing his eyes across the valley, the boy is looking for a way to become larger than life. There he stands, ready for his enemy. Ready for the kill.

I am his future, but he is oblivious to me. I smile at him.
He is slow to smile back.”

I need say no more. You have sampled the brilliance. Read Uvi Poznanky’s “Rise to Power”.

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