Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Murder by 4

Murder by 4 is mystery lovers' blog run by four passionate writers. I  am deeply honored that one of them, a prolific author of twenty-some books, Aaron Paul Lazar, invited me to share my thoughts about the writing process. Here is the beginning of my thread of thoughts:

In any task you undertake, you often hear the advice: start at the beginning, continue down the middle, and finish at the end. Writing is no different. Problem is, as you advance diligently down that path, you may find–to your surprise–that you are getting better, more proficient at your craft. Suddenly the opening of this chapter sounds so much catchier than the previous one; and the ending more powerful. You must constantly re-evaluate and rework previous chapters. So in my opinion, the process of writing is cyclical. By the time I completed the last chapter of my... 

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Insights from Author Uvi Poznansky - The Writing Process

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