Thursday, June 5, 2014

Paper Peacock

If you have been following my posts, you might have noticed that I have a feel, a deep appreciation for paper: its texture, pliability, and all the ways it allows you to use it, from writing to painting, from crumpling to origami and paper engineering. Here is a project I did together with Jess--the loveliest little girl you'll ever meet... Together, we googled images of peacocks online. She preferred the tail feathers to be hanging down behind, rather than spread out, so that was the way this paper peacock came into being.  

On another day, we created wings for Jess, and a rose-shaped wand, the top of which can be seen down there, at bottom center of this image. The contemplative bird seems to ponder the meaning of the designs on the wings--but whether it came to any conclusions, it is hard to know.

If you haven't seen my other paper projects, click here for my Plucked Porcupine.

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