Monday, August 11, 2014

My heart is yours, hold me tight if you can

I dabbed a drop of perfume right under my ear 
As soon as I laid eyes on you, here 
You dance with such rhythm, such elegant flair   
I adore your bald spot and your dwindling hair 

I think of myself as a dashing young man 
No surprise you came over when the music began
You smell so good, I feel such a bliss
Leaning over to you, can I hope for a kiss? 

I wore my best dress, with the arms left bare, 
Painted my lips, put a rose in my hair 
I love dancing with such a tall gentleman 
My heart is yours, hold me tight if you can  

Let me lift you up high into the air 
Come fly with me, if only you dare 
To hang on my arm and trust every step 
Let us tango together, now your weight I must shlep 

I love sculpting dancing figures, because not only is the dance dynamic-- 
but it expresses the relationship between the dancers.
I made this piece out of clay, fired it in the kiln and painted it.

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