Thursday, September 18, 2014

Playing David and every one of his wives, advisors, and enemies

Justin Harmer is playing David, and every one of his wives, advisors, and enemies, in the audiobook edition of A Peek at BathshebaWant to know why I chose him? How could I not, with this audition? Take a listen:

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A long time ago I used to think that my youth was to blame for failing to understand my wives. No longer can I use that excuse, because I know all too well, there is no youth in me anymore. Which leaves me as baffled as ever, especially when it comes to the one woman I adore: Bathsheba. 
When I catch her scent, or even when I imagine it, something in me turns to liquid. Then, trying to harden my heart and remove her from my mind I find myself confused, and the rage in me intensifies, perhaps because I cannot remember the last time I have seen her. Alas, the distance between us seems to expand in so many ways with each passing year. 
So imagine my surprise this morning, when I wake up to the soft sound of her footfalls, which makes me turn my eyes to the wall to try, to catch sight of her reflection. There it is, moving fluidly across the blade, the wide, polished blade of Goliath’s sword which is hung in my chamber, right here over my head. 

David in A Peek at Bathsheba

When I first heard Justin Harmer, I googled his name and found this wonderful video, where his voice simply blew me away. Here he is, as the vocal soloist for Lord God of Abraham from Elijahan oratorio written by Felix Mendelssohn. 

The photographer of this video must have been blown away by the range and musicality of his voice, which you can tell by the shaking of the camera. It does not detract from the experience, though.

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