Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Audiobooks, the new Oral tradition. Tales around a fire

Tales around a fire. That’s how it started… the oral tradition, the first way knowledge was stored and transmitted.
Thousands of years later, we’ve rediscovered the power and presence of the human voice in the telling of new tales. Digital technology has made the recording and delivery of high-quality audio narration both convenient and affordable. Now storytellers everywhere are lifting their words from the page (or pixel) and breathing new life into their tales through audio fiction podcasts and audiobooks.
Translating a written tale into an audio presentation has unique rewards and challenges… and that’s the terrain we set out explore on this Roundtable Dialogue episode.
Facilitated by Dave Robinson, here is an inspiring conversation between Tom Barczak, Walter Rhein, Janet and Chris Morris and yours truly. This is a panel of astonishing artists and storytellers who have expressed their tales beautifully in both formats. Together, we set out to examine this old/new art form, sharing observations and insights to better understand the new oral tradition. Click and take a listen: Audiobooks, the new Oral tradition.

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