Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Am The One Trapped

Thomas Baker is the author of I Live In Chile and many other books. He is also a top 1000 Amazon Reviewer. I am thrilled that he said this about my novel, Rise to Power:

This review is from: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) (Volume 1) (Paperback)
Uvi Posnznsky's "Rise To Power" is a compelling read. It stands time on its head by allowing the reader to go back to a past event and re-visit it, experience it again through modern eyes, modern morality, and modern mores. In my case, I had always detested this particular story about David. I found it immoral and unconscionable for one man to have so much power over a man. David's abuse of power was disagreeable to me, to put it mildly.

Yet this new telling of the story brought out something I had never considered before. Though I am aware that the author is freely using artistic license, I found the possibility of human weakness much more plausible as I read the following lines, with its full power of suggestion:

(quote) "...Bathsheba... She is different. My God, she is a woman! Which is why she seems untouchable to me, and not only because she is married...All of a sudden she stirs. Has the water cooled down?..."Go away," she says, with her back to me...It seems that shame is not in her nature. She moves the big sponge around her neck, into one armpit, then another, knowing full well I cannot take my eyes off her. I cannot help but notice the bubbles of soap sliding slowly down, all the way down, then around her slippery curves. She may be the one in the tub--but contrary to my expectations, I am the one trapped..."(end of quote) It is impossible not to understand what David means when he says, "I am the one trapped." I give him credit for being human, and I doubt if I would not have acted exactly as he did in the face of irresistible temptation. After all, like David, I'm only human too...

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