Sunday, February 8, 2015

Extraordinary, gripping, compelling... thoroughly complete, well-written, fast moving read

Thomas Baker is an educator and the author of I Live In Chile and many other books. He is also a top 1000 Amazon Reviewer. I am thrilled to find his review for my novel, The Edge of Revolt:

TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 6, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Extraordinary, gripping, compelling. A thoroughly complete, well-written, fast moving read is what author Uvi Poznansky gives the reader with her, "The Edge of Revolt." It is breathtaking in its complexity, delightful in its artistry, and above all, full of the creative genius of its author. We are given an ancient tale, far removed from our curent reality, and yet, grudgingly, have to give up our objective, impartial lens as we realize the premise of the story transcends its time, space and place. Let us consider it carefully:

(quote) "Struggling to find the right balance between loving his sons and upholding justice, David is silent when Amnon rapes his daughter, Tamar, and when Absalom lures Amnon to his death. These crimes go unpunished, because a mysterious change has come upon the king, which his court scribes note even before he does. In the past he had to explain his actions, such as the affair with Bathsheba, to them. Now, they want to understand the opposite thing: his lack of action. In families other than his, such matters may be a mere matter of gossip. Yet when assault, incest, and murder occur in the king's family, they affect matters of the state. David is toppled from his throne, and must escape from the son he adores, Absalom." (end of quote)

And the question we must reflect on is self evident: Is not this story, this set of circumstances, our story? Is it not the story of our times? A glance at any newspaper headlines on any given day is enough to confirm our suspicions, that contrary to rational thought, we must answer in the affirmative... What this talented author, Uvi Poznansky, has done is allow us to hold a mirror up to ourselves, to our world, to our time and to our place, by calling it David's story. It really is enough to set one on the edge of revolt, isn't it? Grab a copy of this book, you will not be able to turn the pages fast enough to keep up with your desire to know what is on each succeeding page...Highly recommended.

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