Thursday, March 19, 2015

A great mix that gave me hours of pleasurable reading

Brenda Perlin is the author of Reality BitesShattered Reality, and Burnt promises.and she also writes children's books. I am thrilled to find her lovely, comprehensive review of the multi-author boxed set, At Odds with Destiny:

5.0 out of 5 stars  At Odds With Destiny!March 19, 2015
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This review is from: At Odds with Destiny (Kindle Edition)
At Odds with Destiny by Uvi Poznansky, Aaron Paul Lazar, Christoph Fischer, Brandt Legg, Amalie Jahn, Suzanne Jenkins, S.W. Vaughn, Janet Morris, P.C. Zick, and J.J. DiBenedetto is an attention grabbing collection of books. Each compelling in their own right. I enjoyed the different writing styles and genres. It’s a great mix that gave me hours of pleasurable reading.

Rise to Power (The David Chronicles Book 1) by Uvi Posnansky is a beautiful book filled with wonder and a poignant story that pulled me right in. Eloquently told, this was a mesmerizing take on the Biblical figure, King David.

Double Forté by Aaron Paul Lazar has many unusual, unexpected twists that took me by surprise. This is a well-crafted book that kept me glued to the pages. Enjoyed the mystery and the life-like characters in this compelling read.

"The Luck Of The Weissensteiners” by Christoph Fischer pulled me in from the very first page. This beautiful narrative centers on a Jewish family's struggles. It begins as a sweet romance but quickly turns into a story of survival. The writing feels natural and the dialog is realistic. There is a sophistication to the writing and a heavy subject matter concerning the anti-semitic movement but at the same time the story was easy to connect to. There are so many layers to this one book that keeps you thinking and wondering what is coming next? This sage was not only intriguing, suspenseful and emotional, but entertaining all the way through.

Outview by Brandt Legg is an unusual young adult YA fantasy full of that sparked my curiosity. Very compelling story that was easy to get hooked on. This story held me captive all the way through.

Among the Shrouded by author Amalie Jahn is a mind blowing read about human trafficking that was both compelling and emotional. Really well written and easy to get lost into. Will have to go back and read The Clay Lion. Great writing and story!

Pam of Babylon by Suzanne Jenkins is a really easy read with real life emotion and realistic three dimensional characters. I great escape into the unknown. Kept me guessing and wondering what next. Well done!

Broken Angel by S.W. Vaughn is a fun suspenseful adventure ride. Part thriller and part crime story. A great read with an edgy story. Action packed and unpredictable, making this a great escape into the unknown.

Tempus by Janet Morris is not quite like anything else I have read. Deep and compelling. A smart read that makes you think at the same time you are being entertained. This fantasy is filled with a real life-force. Powerful and right on point. Full of action and adventure. Easy to get lost into this well-written tale.

Native Lands by P.C. Zick brings you back in time and to another place. This is a smart story that was well paced and full of surprises along the way. Very intriguing story!

Dream Student by James DiBenedetto is a story easy to get lost into. Enjoyed the escape that this surprising story offered. There is mystery, romance and so much more.