Saturday, April 4, 2015

Characters that Linger

I am thrilled for the invitation by Victoria Howard to write a guest post on her website,  MUSINGS OF A ROMANTIC SUSPENSE NOVELIST. 

This is how it starts:

During the year of writing my novel, Apart From Love, I discovered several ways of advancing the story. It originated from a short story about a twelve years old boy coming face to face, for the first time in his life, with the sad spectacle of death in the family. 

I set it aside, thinking I was done with it. But this character, Ben, came back to me and started chatting, chatting, chatting incessantly in my head. So I asked myself, what if I ‘aged’ him by fifteen years? Where would he be then? Would he still admire his father as a heroor will he be disillusioned at that point?

Want to read more? Click here: Characters that Linger

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