Saturday, April 4, 2015

In the spirit of spring: But there were wildflowers.

“I had another Outview today.” I waited until her eyes found mine. “You were in it.”
“Really?” She couldn’t hide her pleasure. “When was it? Where was it?”
“We were sisters. It was at least a hundred years ago because you were driving a horse-drawn wagon. I was lying in the back in dirty blankets and straw, cold. But there were wildflowers. You spoke in a language that sounded German, but I don’t think it was. My body was brittle on the rough road, like a vase rattling in a crate, and I begged you to stop.”
“You were dying?”
“Yeah, like always. You started crying when you finally stopped the wagon.”
“How old were we?”
“Hard to say. We looked sixty, but I think we were really thirty-something. So you were crying because you knew we weren’t going to get any help. Even if we did, it was too late. You could tell I’d be dead very soon.”
“Tell me about the way an Outview comes to you. How do you see it?”
“It’s almost like watching a movie, but the screen has no defined shape. And only pieces are in focus as I look at them. Sometimes just part of a face is clear, but what I can see is in 3D. I’m like an observer floating right there, but at the same time I’m one of the participants, experiencing and feeling everything they do.”
“Like a dream.”
“But with actual physical pain.”

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