Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Fine, Modern Shakespearean Tragedy

S. R Mallery has been a singer, a calligrapher, a quilt designer, and an ESL teacher.  
As a writer, history is her focus and is woven into her stories with a delicate thread. I am thrilled to read her review of my novel, Apart From Love:
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This review is from: Apart From Love (Kindle Edition)

Using a lovely, lyrical prose, Uvi Poznansky gently guides the reader into the deep cavern of a dysfunctional family playing out their own form of a Shakespearean tragedy. The protagonists are four-fold: an emotionally detached father and in his wake, his emotionally bereft son; an ex-wife experiencing a serious illness, and a very young second wife, mopping up the messy pieces while struggling with her own past.

Not an easy scenario, yet Poznansky, along with beautiful descriptions, manages to portray each character with great depth and authenticity. Personally, my favorite leading figure was the second wife, Anita, who grew up with so little, yet in the midst of this highly educated and intimidating family, slowly displays her innate intelligence and ends up outshining them all. If you’re looking for a book that will make you think and offers you an in-depth study into human behavior, this is for you! Highly recommended.

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