Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First day for a character: At Odds with Destiny, 4th novel

Inspired by the first day of spring, which is just around the corner, I want to give you a taste of a first moment for one of the characters in our boxed set:

I’ve seen love at first sight happen.  When I say that, I mean two people seeing each other for the first time and the moment their eyes meet there’s an instant connection.  It’s almost like electricity, everybody in the room can feel it.  I’ve been there when it happened, and there’s no doubt at all that’s what it was.  Say what you want about it being silly or sappy or just plain BS, I don’t care.  I know it’s real. 
That’s what it feels like when I’m halfway over to him, and he turns his head, sees me, and we make eye contact.  Everything else disappears.  There’s me and him and nothing else in the world.  We’re connected.  I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s happening.
And now I’m there and he’s staring at me like he can’t believe I’m real.  It’s OK, I feel the same way.  I reach out, put my hand on his arm and I really expect to feel sparks or something, but I don’t.  It’s just him, just the fabric of his shirt.  
I slide my hand down his arm and I can feel the goosebumps as I go.  I’ve got them too.  I take his hand, and now I’m pulling him away from the table and everything else is starting to come back.  It’s louder than it seemed a few minutes ago, and it feels much too crowded all of a sudden, and what I need right this second is quiet and just him.
 “We have to talk,” I whisper in his ear, and he doesn’t say anything but he does follow me.  There’s a back door, it looks like there’s a patio for when the weather’s nice.  I head for it, and I need it to be open and it is and out we go.

Excerpt from Dream Student by James DiBenedetto, included in At Odds with Destiny

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