Saturday, March 5, 2016

In the spirit of spring: Sailing on April first

“Well, Mr. Malone needs an upstanding woman for a wife. Apparently, not a lot of single women of that ilk can be found in San Francisco, so he wrote to me. Do you think you’d be interested in Mr. Malone? I can wire him today.” Margaret leaned forward.  “If he’s who you choose, he has already sent money to cover the passage for the woman and any children she may have. You would be leaving on the ship sailing on April first.”
Nellie thought about the idea and decided she needed more time. “In all honesty, I hadn’t expected to be matched today. I’d like to sleep on the matter. I’m almost sure my response will be yes, but I need to make sure.” She scooted forward in her chair. “I’ll return and give you my answer tomorrow.”
“Certainly. I understand perfectly.”
Nellie stood and extended her hand. “Thank you. Until tomorrow.”
Margaret took her hand with a firm grip. “Until tomorrow.”

Excerpt from Nellie by Cynthia Woolf, included in A Touch of Passion

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