Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Inspiration for A Touch of Passion

Suzanne Jenkins, my good friend and the author of the Pam of Babylon series has just posted an interview with me, which she preceded with these heartfelt words:

You may have noticed I’ve linked to Uvi’s blog a lot recently. She’s the force behind the two boxed set anthologies, At Odds with Destiny, and A Touch of Passion in which my books are included. Uvi is a fierce advocate for authors and sacrificially works to promote the books of so many of us, asking very little outside of our participation in promotion in return. Recently I asked her to share what inspired her to begin the process of organizing the boxed sets. Her reply explains in part what drives her to the selfless work she does on behalf of me and many other writers.

What to know my answer? Check it out here:

The Inspiration for A Touch of Passion

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