Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Good Human Drama

Elizabeth Zguta is a talented author, who considers herself a life learner not only because of the courses she audits, but also things learned with hands-on life experiences. She gains satisfaction reading something new and connecting with others on a topic. Here is her lovely review for the audio edition of Rise to Power:


"A Good Human Drama"

Would you listen to Rise to Power again? Why?
Rise To Power reminds me of the book The Red Tent, and brings life into the old biblical tale of David.

Who was the most memorable character of Rise to Power and why?
The author's words flesh out the character of David, endowing him with human frailty, pride and desires. The bigger than life hero from the Bible, who faced the giant Goliath, is spread out before the reader in full light, with real life drama that faces all men. The norms for the time were respected, as well as his need for fame.

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