Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A rosy sunset light played upon her neck, her ears, her cheeks

There she was, bathing. 
How vividly I recall her outline, the way it took shape out of the mist that was whirling, twisting, rising, whiff by swirly whiff, from the surface of the water. I close my eyes, the better to imagine how she looked. A rosy sunset light played upon her neck, her ears, her cheeks, revealing a hot blush that was tempered with sweet air. 
Until that moment I had thought there was no such thing as burning with desire, except perhaps in literary exaggerations, in poetry. Oh how wrong had I been!
With this woman presenting herself to my imagination in such an alluring way, I began worrying that I would surely go down in history as a sinner. Truly I wished to stay honest with the public—but knew I would find it difficult to do so. Being absolutely frank about the naughty thoughts in my head would surely prevent me from looking good in their eyes. 

This story is more than a historical romance, it brings to the fore the conflict, which is present in leaders of our time as well as in each one of us, between hidden passions and the need to keep appearances, between temptation and a yearning for redemption.

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