Sunday, July 10, 2016

Reading this book was like listening to a symphony

Chris Birdy is the writer of an award-winning mystery trilogy has just won the FALL 2015 PINNACLE BOOK ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.Just found a lovely review, written by Chris  for The Music of Us on Goodreads.

Chris Birdy
May 30, 2016Chris Birdy rated it it was amazing
Reading this book was like listening to a symphony. There were exciting passages, sweet moments, tension, beautiful times and heartbreak. The story moves back to WWII when Lenny, a young Marine, hears the sixteen year old Natasha perform at his base. They are then separated by time and war as they struggle with death and fear all around them. Each time it seems they will come together , life happens. After they are finally together, they will eventually be separated forever by Alzheimer's. This well-written story is one that everyone should read.

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