Friday, October 28, 2016

A romantic love story with an undercurrent of deception

Richard Weatherly is the talented author of Closed Doors. I am honored to read his thoughtful review of my WWI romance novel, Dancing with Air:

on October 28, 2016
U.S. Marine Lenny has been dispatched to London, having left his love Natasha back in the states. In his original assignment he works as a currier. After serving in this role for a time Lenny's commanding officer calls him in and prepares Lenny for a new assignment. By this time Lenny has learned Natasha, a virtuoso pianist, is coming to England to entertain the troops. The story is set in the months before D-Day.

Lenny is now in a predicament. His assignment is to seed love letters to a girlfriend with hints that General Patton and an invasion force plan to invade Europe at the closest point between England and Europe, Pas de Calais in NW France. Natasha gets to spend some time with Lenny which places him in a predicament. He must write the misleading love stories to a girl he knows in the states, maintain an apparent sincerity while avoiding Natasha's scrutiny.

Lenny convinces his commander that he should have the freedom to travel through the area he's assigned to write about. He's given permission and brings Natasha along riding in the sidecar of his Harley-Davidson. During his travel to the Straights of Dover he discovers elements of truth to enhance the realism in his letters to the girl in the states. He learns more details about the diversionary plan.
When Lenny takes some time to investigate an ammunition storage area for the Allies his trip is cut short.
The ammunition storage area or depot explodes almost costing Lenny his life.

It takes a long time for Lenny to come around from an apparent coma. Afraid that Natasha may have discovered his letters while incapacitated, he soon learns of Natasha's deep love for him.

This is a heart warming story, a continuation of a thought provoking family saga while observing Natasha's mental decline in her later years.
Uvi Poznansky is a gifted writer who has painted warm yet realistic saga. I strongly recommend it.

Dancing with Air (Still Life with Memories Book 4)

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