Thursday, November 10, 2016

They were all gathered around the Christmas tree

A short while later, as they were all gathered around the Christmas tree, with Jackson filling in for John by passing out the presents, the doorbell rang. Jake, running around with his Captain America action figure, flew towards the door and Alexi caught him before he could answer it. Foiled, Jake sent Captain America flying through the air. Rocky caught the missile before it hit her stained-glass lamp. Jason had fallen asleep in Nan’s lap—like father, like sons.
“Anyone expecting company?” Emma asked, frowning. She got a collective no as she crossed the room. Perhaps it was carolers from the church choir, though Christmas Eve was their usual time singing. Peeking through the window, she saw three women with their arms full of packages. She didn’t recognize them. Maybe they were lost.
She opened the door. Two blondes, one redhead. Two were younger, one a little older. They were all richly dressed and glamorous. “May I help you?”
“Are you Emma Weldon?” asked the blonde girl with an unmistakable Irish accent.
“Perfect. I’m Cierra Weldon. This is my cousin Fiona Devlin and my aunt Renee Devlin. Forgive me, but when I found out yesterday from my brother we’ve family here, I just had to fly down to meet you.”
“Family?” Emma asked as she opened the door wider. “Are you sure you have the right person?”

Excerpt from Love in Times of War

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