Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A good story of finding real love during WWII

Dan Strawn is the author of Isaac's GunBody of Work, and Breakfast at Blair'sLame Bird's Legacy, and Black Wolf's ReturnI am honored that he posted this thoughtful review for Dancing with Air.

on January 18, 2017
I love this story.

Dancing With Air is a delightful tale of young love struggling to exist in the throes of World War II.

Poznansky bookends Lenny and Natasha's World War II love affair with prologue and epilogue that moves the readers to the 1970's, where young love, now matured, becomes something tender and special..

As usual, Poznansky's prose are sprinkled with poetic pictures that add clarity and emotional punch to her writing (The sky was bruised purple). As usual, her cast of characters are diverse, well developed, believable, and entertaining.

In Dancing With Air, she showed me a heightened talent from earlier works at writing well timed scenes of comic relief, ones that caused me at times to chuckle, and even imagine Lucille Ball and Bob Hope in the story rather than Lenny and red-haired Natasha.

I've read several of Uvi Poznansky's novels. She's good. She knows how to entertain, inform, and cause thoughtful pause. Of the works I've read, I think this is my favorite. .

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