Thursday, January 19, 2017

And his kiss... unlike anything she’d ever experienced

As she watched the sea of green passing in a blur, she found herself thinking about the death and destruction hidden beneath the sun-kissed jungle with its snaking rivers and treacherous secrets. None of the men ever really described the horror they’d seen or lived through to her. But she knew it was bad. From the looks in their eyes. From the screams of their nightmares in the hospitals. And from the stories of evil that kept creeping to the surface. War gave the depraved a license to kill and the power to reign. It could also steal the heart of good right out of a man. 
Like John. She wondered how he was. Had he gotten her letters? Were they having a decent Christmas dinner at his outpost? She thought back over every minute they’d shared from the moment her gaze had connected with his across the Christmas Party in Saigon. The time they’d been together had been almost nothing, but the connection between them seemed stronger than anything she’d known before. And his kiss...that had been unlike anything she’d ever experienced.
Suddenly the helicopter rocked violently, knocking her into Ginny and smoke billowed into the cockpit. Dear God! Help! Eyes wide with terror, Ginny grabbed for her, screaming, but Emma couldn’t hear anything but the roar of the engines.
Emma’s stomach lurched sickeningly as the helicopter began to spin. They were going to crash. She was about to die, and her one regret was that she hadn’t had more time with John. Maybe she should have stopped him from leaving the Christmas party. Or have asked him to stay longer the next day. She wished she had kissed him again. Had held him longer. Had been able to gaze into his eyes one more time.

Excerpt from Love in Times of War

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