Tuesday, January 17, 2017

From 1942 to 1980 starring Lana and Lenny

I am so excited to read the first review, written by a Top 500 Reviewer, for my new release, Book Bites: The Wrong Girl:

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Selecting excerpts from four different books, the author compiled them into this 'Book Bites - the Wrong Girl...'. This series focuses on Lana instead of Natasha with Lenny.

It encompasses two generations and also features Lenny's time in service during WW II. It starts with Lenny in 1942 and continues to 1980 with his second wife. Love and war, 'contrasts and conflicts', and the differences in personalities all play significant roles.

One quote that really struck me was when Lenny was painting the walls - 'whitewashing traces of my family'. One thing that I love about this author's books is the descriptive nature of them. When Lenny smells perfume, the reader will also. This is not an easy task for an author to accomplish, but she seems to do this with great ease. Unparalleled descriptions which greatly enhance the reader's enjoyment....

At the end of this short sample, the author states that each one of the books can be a standalone. Naturally, the reader will learn more about the characters and their families if all of the books are read.

I would call this a 'sensuous sample' and am awaiting the publication of this one.

Most highly recommended.

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