Sunday, January 22, 2017

Have you ever kissed a man before? Where’s the passion?

Charity quietly chuckled. She enjoyed their constant trading of playful insults every morning but the fun was over once they were on the set. Christopher ran a tight ship, and everyone was too intimidated to do anything but what he demanded, much less be able to enjoy their work. Charity was relieved to discover the first kiss scene was scheduled first. With that out of the way, Johnny wouldn’t be subjected to spending a day of watching her kiss another man. 
She wasn’t surprised when Christopher hated her performance. She had been hoping against all hope they would be able to get the scene done in one take, but just as David leaned in, and she stood on her tiptoes to meet his lips, Christopher’s voice rang out loud and clear. “Cut! Stop. Just stop.”
He rushed across the set toward them. David’s hand was still resting on Charity’s shoulder. He squeezed and mouthed, ‘it will be okay’. He dropped his hand and turned to face Christopher. He inhaled deeply before asking, “What’s wrong? I thought it went well.”
Christopher stopped just inches short of Charity and glared directly at her. He ignored David completely. “Have you ever kissed a man before? Where’s the passion? This is the most romantic scene in the entire movie, and I have a wooden statue on my set doing the scene. I need real life passion. Do you think you can dig up just the least little bit of emotion, somewhere, out of that stone face of yours?”
When she didn’t answer, David stepped in between her and Christopher. “I have an idea. Since Charity has never kissed on camera before maybe it would be better if I went over a few pointers with her first. Give me thirty minutes. We’ll have this take done in no time. I promise.”

Excerpt from Concealed in My Heart by Regina Puckett
Included in A Touch of Passion

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