Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I’m ready to take whatever this is to the next level

The week before Labor Day, Angie would move into her dorm at Penn State. The entire family went along; Jason, Devon, Bea, Michael and Dave would go in Harley’s SUV packed with some of Angie’s things. Joe and Fran would bring Maryanne in their van, also packed solid with more belongings. The girls and their cousins were brining up the rear in Jason’s car. It would be a weekend they would all remember because they were so excited for Angie. After what the family had been through, the sacrifices they’d made, the sadness of Harley losing her life at such a young age, this was finally something they could rejoice over.
After moving her in, the aunts and grandmothers made sure her bed was perfectly made, her clothes put away neatly, doing everything for her they knew Harley would have wanted; they could leave for home in peace.
Tiffany spent an extra half hour preparing for work Tuesday after Labor Day. Labor Day became an icon when Jason told her in early June he couldn’t even think of dating anyone until Harley had been gone at least six months. In June, she’d stuck her neck out, taking a step of faith, and asked him to have dinner with her.
“I’m not ready yet,” he said. “It’s too early.”
Waiting through the summer was torture for her, so Thursday before Labor Day weekend, Tiffany cornered him in the lounge at work. They hadn’t worked together all week and she was paranoid, feeling like he’d purposely avoided her.
“What’d you do? Ask Steinberg to assign you to any room I’m not in?”
“Tiffany, you’re insane,” Jason said laughing. “Now you’re going to blame me for us not working together. What’s really wrong?” It was the wrong thing to ask.
“It’s been six months, Jason,” she said, trying not to sound shrill. “I’m ready to take whatever this is to the next level.”

Excerpt from Perfect for Him by Suzanne Jenkins. 
The novel is included in A Touch of Passion

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    1. No wonder, I love it too! Wonderful writing Suzanne :)

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