Thursday, September 14, 2017

There is a twist to Natasha's past

I find this review particularly enlightening for me, as I can hear the expectations of this reader for the next volume in the series... This is what Critical Reader writes about my WWII spy thriller, Marriage before Death

on September 11, 2017
This book moved much faster for me than the two before it. There was quite a bit of action, and there is a twist to Natasha's past I never saw coming. It was quite shocking actually, but I suppose I can see how something like that might have happened. Lots of crazy things happen in times of war, although during this particular war, I would expect something to be mentioned of these American Jews' brethren being slaughtered factory-style. Did Lenny and Natasha think about their Jewish brothers and sisters? Or was it too soon for them to know at this point what was going on? Is this a subject the author will broach in subsequent books? And what about Natasha's family, those who may have stayed behind in Russia? I have to wonder if any of these things will be brought up later on. Surely Natasha would care more about her people than the French. These are just my thoughts.

As for the book, this one is the best out of the WWII stories in this series. Natasha becomes a different person, and we get to know Lenny better and better. I do look forward to what comes next and hope to see more of a Jewish connection.

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