Saturday, January 6, 2018

Excellent collection of unusual stories!!!

Love this review for my dark fantasy audiobook, Twisted:

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  • Twisted | [Uvi Poznansky]
    "Excellent collection of unusual stories!!!"
    This is a collection of works of varying degrees and lengths. The longer pieces are complete stories with a linear narrative. The shorter pieces feel very much like poetry. All the stories are told from a first person narrative with the exception of one that is just prose back and fourth with the two characters and could easily be a song/duet for two singers.
    My favorite story was about a woman who is becoming conscious as a sculptor slowly molds her body and head out of clay. It took an unusual inanimate object and breathed life into it. Great story and a great ending. Definitely original and I look forward to reading / listening to more from this author.

    The narration was done very well, but way to slow. I generally listen to everything at 1.5 times speed. With this one, I bumped it up to 2 times speed and she still sounded like she was reading at the normal 1 times speed of most other audio books. This is not a bad thing, just an observation.

    I requested review copy of this audio book and I am leaving this voluntary and honest review. 
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