Friday, November 23, 2018

Look through a peephole

Another crazy art project, inspired by a suggestion from the amazing artist, teacher, and thinker, Chris Hero: I put a landscape with rolling hills, castle towers and a bridge inside a box. It's painted on the floor and inner walls. When you look at the box from any direction, the view would seem distorted. For example, the foremost stair of the bridge (which is painted on the floor of the box) seems grotesquely out of scale compared to the other stairs. But...

I invite you to look through the peephole at the front wall of the box. All falls into place, and the view magically becomes three-dimensional, because it is designed to look correct from here:

1 comment:

  1. I love the originality of this. I’d like to try this myself and see the outcome. Thanks for sharing this on Twitter.

    Carol Wilson
    @GoAwayImBusyNow (Twitter)