Sunday, July 28, 2019

A great page turner!

Great review for my thriller, Virtually Lace:

July 27, 2019
Ash and Michael are back, finally reconnecting. They used to create vertical reality programs in his garage. Michael's regular job, which also has to do with virtual reality, is becoming a real pain and Ash isn't working right now. When a beautiful woman, Lace, disappears going down to the beach, Michael finds her murdered. He really doesn't want to tell the police about it and immediately become a suspect. Instead he created a virtual reality scene to try and figure out the murder. Michael really wants to figure this murder out and Ash decides to become a temporary model for Michael's weird friend, Bull, to see what he's really up to. This suspenseful is artfully written and I was immediately drawn into it. Pardon the pun. I love the two main characters and love to hate a few others. The minor characters are a big plus too. I totally enjoyed this book and highly recommended it. It's definitely a page turner.

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