Friday, August 2, 2019

Just snuggle up a little closer

A cloud drifted over across the horizon, shielding the sun, and now I could see: her white and black polka-dotted dress was neatly gathered around the waist by a black linen belt. In the evening breeze, dots were flapping against her hips, dancing around her knees. 
The fabric was crimped, however, which suggested to me that at the last minute, just before coming ashore, she must have taken the dress out of the suitcase and changed into it, with no time to take care of the creases, to smooth them. I imagined she was eager to look her prettiest for someone, a special someone she was expecting to meet.
What’s the matter with you, I asked myself. What game are you playing? A spy? A private investigator?
Strangely, the closer I got to her the more pronounced was the thumping of my heart. I quickened my step, crossing through a sudden gust of air, in which I caught not only the smell of the ocean but also a whiff of perfume. Somehow it reminded me of Natasha’s, except that in her case, the only purpose for which she used it was to dab the corner of an envelope, when sending a letter to me. 
“Hello!” I said, trying to strike a conversation with this stranger. “I heard it was a difficult journey.”
Just then, the wind grew stronger. It lifted the hat into a tilt and for just an instant, revealed a glint, the red glint of a curl. At once she caught the brim, set the hat properly back in place—but not before I noticed the rosy blush. 
Burning suddenly with desire I reached for her hand. Instead of taking it, Natasha wrapped her arms around me, coming into mine. Speechless, I embraced her.
“Oh, Lenny,” she said, her voice so soothing, so velvety, just as I remembered it. “Just snuggle up a little closer.”

"In this collection of WWII love stories, Lenny and Natasha had an unforgettable romance and love story from the 1940's through the 1970's. He was a marine. She was a concert pianist . Their story is heart-rendering. The author also includes Alzheinner Disease. If you enjoy WWII love stories, this is the collection for you, so don't miss it!"
~B.J. Robinson, Romance Author

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