Wednesday, November 6, 2019

BookBub: the secret of success

Next to Amazon, BookBub is the most comprehensive platform for authors. It is here that promoting your books would lift them to commercial success. So getting more followers on this platform allows you to increase your reach. The more follower, the more people will receive dedicated emails from BookBub about your new releases and price promotions. Also, passing the 1K followers threshold unlocks the ability to send BookBub Preorder Alerts.

Make It Easy to Follow You:
Add a link (if possible, a bright red button that is linked) to your BookBub page in the following places:
  • A prominent place on your website or blog. For example, see the button at the upper left corner of my blog. Don't forget to follow me, too :)
  • In the back matter of every one of your ebooks (along with your Amazon page and website or blog)
  • A prominent place in every one of your newsletters
  • Add a tweet to your daily rotation to call your followers to follow you on BB. Say something like, "Never miss a book sale or miss out of a new release!" Then, give out the link.

Write BB Reviews:
A great way to increase the number of followers is to review books on BoobBub. Unlike Amazon, BookBub encourages authors to review books by other authors. Why? Because authors are great reviewers! So in review, do more than click a few buttons to indicate how you felt about the book. Write a full-bodied, in-depth review. BookBub sends these reviews to the followers of the author of the book and to your followers, and over time you will gain more and more of them.

Set up Giveaways/Contests:
You can create giveaways through RaffleCopter, ember their widget in a blog post, and announce it on  your newsletter, Facebook page, Facebook group, and Twitter. You can also run a joint giveaway with other authors.

Gain Followers through Paid Promotions:
For example, you can join gift card giveaways on AuthorsXP promotions to gain followers.

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