Wednesday, April 29, 2020

An Engaging, Chilling Read

I'm delighted to find this great in-depth review for for my medical thriller, Overdose.

Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2020
“Overdose,” the third book in the Ash Suspense Thrillers, by Uvi Poznansky is a captivating medical thriller. After Ash suffered a life-threatening accident, she underwent brain surgery. Now she’s experiencing reoccurring severe headaches causing her question the impressive credentials of her surgeon, Dr. Neil Patel.

Ash discovers there is no record of Patel’s graduation from his claimed medical school. When Patel, whose bio says he’s married, asks her out on a date, she accepts, hoping to learn more about his past that might substantiate her suspicion that he’s a fraud. During dinner, he tells her his wife recently past. Their date is cut short when he receives an emergency call from the hospital. Ash stays to eat, but receives news that her father is in the ER.

As she prepares to leave the restaurant for the ER, a waitress gives her a pink cellphone, saying Patel’s wife wanted his girlfriend to have it, but won’t divulge any more information. Ash refuses to accept it. The waitress follows Ash and drops it in her lap as the waitress is shot.

Patel attends to her father in the ER. Her father’s condition is improving until he has his follow-up visit with Patel and then his severe headaches begin.

Michael, Ash’s computer whiz boyfriend, changes the pink cellphone’s GPS location so it can’t be tracked. Ash and Michael survey the phone’s contents, finding a recorded video made by Patel’s deceased wife. In it, she says she’ll be overdosed before anyone sees the video and warns whoever is watching to look out for Patel. The video closes with “Neil is my undoing. Make sure he isn’t yours.”

As Ash delves into Patel’s questionable past, another waitress who knew Patel’s wife tells her, “Someone is listening to every word you say, every word you hear.” Ash believes it’s Patel. It’s chilling where she finds the concealed listening device. After it’s removed, Ash redoubles her efforts to uncover Patel’s well-hidden past, exposing a dark secret. Can she find the evidence to prove Patel is a fraud or, like his dead wife, will Neil also be her undoing?

“Overdose” is an amazing medical thriller, full of mystery, suspense, and tightly woven plots with a nice touch of romance. The intriguing storyline kept me turning the pages from the start to the finish. I highly recommend this engaging read.

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