Tuesday, June 30, 2020

~~Excellent Trilogy~~

So thrilled to find a review by Hall of Fame reviewer Serenity (love the name!) for my thriller trilogy,  Ash Suspense Thrillers: Trilogy:

Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2020
This is an excellent trilogy and contains three novels. They are: Coma Confidential, Overkill, and Overdose. All three are 5 star reads for me.. Excellent character development, plots are well defined and the writing smooth and flawless. My review for one of the three is below.

Review for 'Overkill'

~~Spiral Staircase/Shooting Spree/Smell the Roses~~

This is the second novel in this series and as usual, Ms. Poznansky does not disappoint the readers. It is suspenseful as well as downright scary and will draw the readers into a web of mystery. The author's descriptive passages throughout continue to trap and at the same time, shed a sufficient amount of doubt into our minds. Who is this shooter and what is his connection to the main story?

We, as readers, will remember Ashley aka Ash from the first book in which she was the victim of an assault and was in a coma. In this second in the series, Ash has relocated to Clearwater, Florida, to assist in her recuperation. With her is Browny, her beloved dog, who is indeed one of my heroes in this novel.. Love that Browny! Michael, her boyfriend, has remained in California.

Ash rents a truly dilapidated beach house which seems to be perfect for her needs. But, this house has a mystery of its own including some interesting and strange secrets. Oh, nearly forget it has a spiral staircase, too.

In case a little more action is needed, there are murders, mayhem and trying to solve mysteries about previous disappearances in the Florida area.

Additionally, this author has the ability to delve deeply into the mind of a killer which, I believe, takes an incredible amount of talent... The portions that deal with the punk will indeed leave the readers shaking their heads. Timmy is also a character that will melt your heart.

Well developed characters, a story that flows smoothly throughout and the plot is excellent.

Stop and smell the roses does indeed bring promises of a new tomorrow.

Most highly recommended.

Please note that I borrowed this trilogy with my Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

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