Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A word to nay-sayers

It only took me five years to discover this review on Amazon DE domain, which I don't visit often enough, I truly appreciate what K. Edwin Fritz says about my historical fiction novel (with a modern twist) Rise to Power:

Rezension aus Deutschland vom 11. Februar 2015

I was curious about the people who gave this book negative reviews & read through them. Most are shocked by the language David uses as well as some of his exploits. To those people I say simply, "What were you expecting?" The book is called 'Rise to Power'... were you thinking David would have an easy journey with no conflicts or difficulties or strife? Were you thinking that just b/c he's a biblical character that he wouldn't swear or perhaps that he was a perfect man? Seriously, get over yourselves. This is a well-written story exploring the unseen adventures behind this great figure. If anything, the crass realities bring to light the truths of the world as it once was... and perhaps as it still is.

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