Thursday, January 19, 2017

Breathtaking love story, World War II, epic tale

Once a Liberal Arts major in French Literature, J.A. Schneider, a former staffer at Newsweek, brings aspects of her fascination with medicine, forensic science, and human psychology into her gripping thrillers. I am honored that she listened to the audiobook edition of my novel, Dancing with air, and reviewed it:
"Breathtaking love story, World War II, epic tale"
Would you consider the audio edition of Dancing with Air to be better than the print version? 
Both are wonderful. I read the print version first because I love to re-read lines. With the audio version, you already know the characters and feel so very THERE with them. Fabulous!

What did you like best about this story?
I loved best the author's writing! Her ability to make you feel every scene, every emotion, whether the tension of the war or Lenny's heartbreaking remembrances of how Natasha used to be before Alzheimer’s took her away from him. This is a story that so deeply touches you that you will never forget it. 

Which scene was your favorite?
I loved the story of the beautiful grand piano that was destroyed in a London hotel bombing. Natasha, a brilliant pianist, tells Lenny that it was good that the piano was there so people could crawl under it, and the piano “saved their lives.” This scene tells us Natasha's character - and why Lenny loved her - with such depth that it makes your heart hurt. It also makes so real what it felt like to be in war. 

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?
A love story for the ages

Any additional comments?
Don Warrick's reading of this story is beautiful, so heartfelt. His performance is a beautiful companion to the depth and brilliance of this story.

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