Sunday, January 15, 2017

Choked me like a lump of unshed tears

Paul Douglas Lovell is an up and coming author, having published a unique autobiography, Paulyanna International Rent-boy. I am deeply moved by his review, which comes from the heart and guts, of my WWII love story, Dancing with Air:

on January 15, 2017
have read a lot of Uvi Poznansky’s books in fact I have read everything she has written. I first became a fan after reading snippets of her work online. Her romantic disposition and luxuriant style of prose left an indelible mark upon me. A comfortable one that I didn't want to let fade. Luckily her stories and the characters within them stay with the reader long after the final page.

Dancing with Air is the forth instalment from her series entitled Still Life with Memories. Reading it transported me back in time and, to a place I am familiar with, England and London. It is clear that her research of 1940s fashion, music and general attitudes is thorough. This shows in her work and is perhaps what makes it easy to fall back into the world she has created with ease. After reviewing so many of Uvi Poznansky's books I find it hard not to repeat myself. Often I’m not sure what to praise, the writer or the words. So this review is a bit of both. If you are considering reading her work, consider no longer. The last chapter in Dancing with Air is particularly poignant. To quote Uvi Poznansky herself, it "choked me like a lump of unshed tears.”

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