Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautifully Written, Poignant Poetry: "Peer Inside My Soul and See Me"

The literary scene is so crowded nowadays, that finding a book worth your time seems like a hard exercise at times. This is why I am posting my book review for Peer Inside My Soul and See Me in this blog. De Ann Townes Jr. opens up the most intimate places in her being, inviting you to read her, all of her: the passion, the longing, the hurt. She takes you deep inside, in spite of her pain and vulnerability, because at that moment, the moment when you peer inside, her emotions are most raw, intense, and vivid. 

Her poetry is about her love, her jealousy, and even about her longing to be defined by her lover. At times she lets the man she loves think of her as if she were a big canvas. With total submission, total rapture she lets him become the creator of her existence. Such are her images, images that elevate the ordinary into a poetic vision. Her rapture sweeps her, and him too, into a mystical spell of destruction. 

De Ann shows no hesitation when she introduces certain expressions, once in a while, in spanish into her poems, which adds a special touch, as if you caught a whisper between the two of them. She gave special attention to the layout of the book, where all the poems are 'centered' on the page. This makes the words, and the varying length of each phrase, become a graphical element black on white, as if the poem has turned into a graphic vase, holding the words inside.

Highly recommended!


  1. It sounds a lovely book. I love your last sentence--very enticing description.

    1. Thank you Sheila, indeed a centered poem does look like a vase, doesn't it?

  2. Lovely review .Seems book has a lot of beauty in to share .I liked the imagery of total submission and total rupture very much .It is true signal of a very delighful reading material inside this book.
    With warm regards ,
    Syed Mohammad Qasim

  3. Thank you Syed for reading my review, and warm regards to you too.