Sunday, May 27, 2012

Two Holidays: Spring and Memorial

Today I feel conflicted. I am torn between the awakening to spring, as celebrated in the Jewish tradition of Shavuot, and the remembrance of the fallen, as marked in the American tradition of Memorial day. This year the two holidays occur back-to-back, which makes the conflict even more palpable.

So in my own way I am trying to join these feelings together. In this small canvas I am putting the finishing touches, trying to bring the expression of one fallen young man back to life. 

This painting was intended to become a part of a public memorial project. But the way I approached the painting is intensely personal, with the widow and the family in mind. The size of the canvas (5x5 inches) also lends itself to an intimate connection at close range. I had David's face lean toward the observer, almost nodding to her. Perhaps one day his widow will receive this painting and  looking at his warm smile, she will recall his voice and will feel him spring back to life. 

To me this is one possible connection between Spring and Memorial.


  1. I particularly enjoy the way you weave your thoughts, emotions, concerns, feelings, sensitivities...into your art. That you could accomplish so much depth and meaning in 5x5 inches is amazing. I thought it was a typo...and you meant feet!

    1. Thank you ChaiLicious. No, not a typo... It is a very small canvas and a very intimate look into his face. A touch with a soul from beyond. Which is why the background is black, nearly featureless, except for a subtle hint of light from above.

  2. Very moving. You have done a job well done.