Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh what is there to say, come Valentine's day?

Oh what is there to say
Come Valentine's day?

You bring a dozen blood-red roses
She thinks, Is this how he proposes?

With a bottle of wine
You whisper, Be mine

You offer a big chocolate heart
She thinks, Well, that's a start

She loosens your tie
And heaves a deep sigh

The fire is burning, the music is on
But all you can see on her face is a yawn

Then from your pocket you pull out the ring
She shakes her head, No, I want one more thing

What does she want, come Valentine's day?
In cupid's name, what should I say?

She smiles, Bring me HomeApart from Love
Then I'll be yours, like a hand and a glove 

And you say, Give me A Favorite Son
Now let's blow off the candles, one by one

The flame goes out, all Twisted in smoke

Time to come in and take off your cloak

What more is there to say
Come Valentine's day?

A family drama
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